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CLX Transportation Management System

The Only Globally Deployed Enterprise-Scale SaaS-TMS: All Regions, All Modes, Chemicals Focus

Plug into the CLX TMS and global carrier network and track your journey towards best-in-class. CLX TMS is a Gartner Magic-Quadrant leading global logistics platform that enables chemical shippers to plan, execute, and optimize transportation operations and ensure delivery performance to partners and customers anywhere in the world while ensuring compliance and maximizing efficiency. CLX TMS provides advanced visibility and control over your day-to-day transportation operations with interactive dashboards and real-time metrics that allow shippers to identify outliers and trouble spots that need attention. By streamlining the chemical shipping process, CLX Transportation Management System makes it easier for businesses to manage and optimize logistics operations over road, ocean, rail, and intermodal networks.

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Superior Planning with a Fully Integrated Global Carrier Network

CLX TMS enables world-class transportation solutions with plug-and-play speed to value. The CLX Logistics Deployment Methodology ensures on-time projects that deliver ROI at go-live, offering positive cash flow in one to four months and full cost recovery well within the first year. To augment and enhance your transportation management operations, CLX Logistics also provides seasoned expertise with tailored value-added services that ensure you deliver on time in full every time.

  • 60+ chemical industry deployments of our transportation management system
  • Unparalleled insight and expertise automating and optimizing global freight networks
  • 20+ years resolving complex and demanding global chemical freight requirements

CLX TMS’s fully integrated carrier network brings real-time visibility into your entire global and domestic supply chain. Supported by CLX Logistics’ unmatched expertise, adaptability, and flexibility, you get the absolute best planning and execution capabilities across your network.

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How CLX Transportation Management Services Benefits Chemical Shippers

Significant cost savings by
consolidating loads and maximizing
modes, routes, and assets

Lower freight rates
associated with carrier
activity, compliance, and
performance reports

World-class analytics dashboards
that keep you focused on
opportunities and results

A competitive supply chain
infrastructure with end-to-end
logistics management services

Streamlined operations
by automating transport
management processes

Benchmarking your results
against the world’s largest
chemical freight database

What Our Clients Are Saying

We’ve been live for over a month, and typically I would have closed [the project] earlier, but it was so smooth that I lost track of time! I have to admit, this was by far my favorite project to work on, and it isn’t just because of its speed, a record 4.5 months! Your team is among the best I’ve worked with. They’re engaging, involved, helped make decisions to keep us going, understood our needs, and course-corrected effectively. Our success reflects the strength of CLX and our partnership. We’re grateful for the optimizations CLX TMS gives to our approach, so thank you.

Power Your Chemical Supply Chain with CLX TMS

  • Optimize networks for load planning, contracts, and route guides
  • Solve capacity management issues for all freight flows
  • Resolve specialty equipment and product compatibility challenges
  • Automate freight payment processing, booking, visibility, and alerts
  • Execute carrier agreements and dashboard logistics carrier compliance and cost metrics
  • Gain supply chain visibility across all regions and facilities
  • Comply with stringent regional and global regulations
  • Centralize information to improve workflows and lower administrative costs
  • Continuously identify savings and improvements after go-live

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