Transportation Visibility: What You Need to Know

Transportation Visibility [trans-per-tey-shuhn viz-uh-bil-i-tee]
The ability to know where a shipment is at any time and when it will arrive at its destination.

“CLX Logistics offers modern telematics provide real-time transportation visibility on all in-transit shipments, anywhere in the world.”

Transportation visibility is critical to success in today’s logistics industry. Past methods of shipment tracking and tracing were often comprised of a website or 3rd party program. Through a relatively cold and clunky interface, users could input container numbers, airway bills, rail numbers, and other bits and pieces of information. Visibility was limited, data was often inaccurate, and real-time exceptions like delays, inventory complications, and other network service fluctuations were difficult to manage properly. Rising customer expectations for shorter transportation times and increased transparency lead increasing businesses to seek systems that can better collect and share all types of tracking information and data across the supply chain.

With today’s tools and technologies, shippers can provide the end-to-end transportation visibility solutions that organizations, their customers, and partners demand. Modern transportation visibility includes GPS tracking and ELD data to provide a level of precision that puts estimates within inches of reality. From minute-to-minute updates on expedited deliveries to detailed updates on supply chain issues, modern transportation visibility solutions make it all possible.

The Key Benefits of Transportation Visibility

Leverage Real-Time Data Collection

Transportation visibility solutions provide valuable insights into your supply chain. Some low-hanging fruit optimizations may become immediately apparent, while other improvements can reveal themselves over time as more data becomes available. Either way, you’ll never know without the right tools in place to get started. You also gain the power to filter out false and junk data to detect and resolve exceptions better.

Receive Real-Time Delivery Status Updates

Clear visualizations of where trucks and containers are located, how long they’ve been there, and where they’re going next offer additional avenues for optimizations. Shippers and carriers can closely analyze networks to make adjustments and reroute resources where they’re needed most.

Quickly Adapt to Supply Chain Disruptions

Global pandemic? Tanker stuck in a canal? Hurricane make landfall? Power grid collapse? You don’t know what you don’t know, and the future is impossible to predict 100% of the time. When the unprecedented happens, modern transportation visibility solutions help find new routes and make last-second adjustments to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Improve Collaboration Between Shippers

The real-time supply chain insights offered by transportation visibility solutions improve performance and opportunities for collaboration between shipping partners. Lane sharing, handoffs, communications, and more can all be enhanced.

Generate Value Through Mode, Route, and Carrier Optimizations

Transportation visibility tools integrate directly with other systems like CLX Gravity and BluJay TMS to help discover and implement creative and intelligent supply chain enhancements. With effective transportation visibility, shippers can build more accurate transportation models, develop better forecasts, and prepare for any challenge.

Real-Time Transportation Visibility and TMS

The only way to maximize the benefits mentioned above is to parse, analyze, and manage your data in an organized and usable format. The best way to achieve that is with a robust Transportation Management System (TMS). The integration of world-class TMS pushes transportation visibility further with advanced control over day-to-day transportation operations, interactive dashboards, and real-time metrics. These convenient features and plug-and-play capabilities offer a path to consistent, on-time project executions and increased ROI.

Taking Transportation Visibility Further

Today, any shipper without a TMS is missing out on opportunities to improve the state of their transportation visibility. CLX TMS’s fully integrated carrier network brings real-time visibility to the entire global and domestic supply chain. Supported by CLX Logistics’ unmatched expertise, adaptability, and flexibility, users get the absolute best planning and execution capabilities across their network. Built on the highly adaptable CLX Logistics Deployment Methodology, CLX TMS offers shippers a positive cash flow in one to four months and a total cost recovery within a year. Not only that, the experienced team at CLX is at your disposal 24/7 to ensure every stakeholder at every end of the supply chain is satisfied. Improved transportation visibility is at the core of everything we do.

Want to go deeper into transportation visibility? Our eBook, Optimizing Chemical Industry Supply Chains with Advanced Transportation Visibility, offers an overview of effective chemical freight visibility solutions, the beneficial impact of advanced transportation visibility, and how the right transportation management solutions enable proactive planning and execution. Download it now for free.

If you want to see how CLX TMS can directly affect your transportation visibility situation, we’d love to show you. Contact us today to schedule a demo.

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