CLX LaneLogix℠ is the next stage in global chemical supply chain management for procurement, benchmarking and bids.

Interactive Rate Benchmarking

Validate and analyze available data with the CLX Logistics® database fed by daily market updates to predict rate competitiveness and offer comparable market service requirements.

Procurement Event Strategy

Design and develop competitive go-to-market bid strategies with world-class support from the experts at CLX Logistics®.

Service Level Benchmarking

Evaluate carriers by comparing shipper and customer-imposed service requirements and standards quickly and easily.

E-bids & Negotiations

Conduct bids utilizing state-of-the-art CLX Logistics® software, resources, and tools to optimize results for greater savings faster.

Reduce spending and increase margins across your global chemical supply chain. CLX LaneLogixSM opens up new opportunities and trends in every aspect of procurement, benchmarking, and bidding operations to achieve new business goals.

Get Started with LaneLogix℠

Get Better Freight Procurement with CLX Logistics® and CLX LaneLogix℠

Dedicated resources to expedite and optimize procurement

Expert procurement predictions

Avoid bidding mistakes

Increase savings compared in-house events

Achieve faster turnaround

Take advantage of CLX Logistics®’ supply chain procurement process, extensive rate database, and automated RFQ tool to benchmark current rates against best-in-class shippers before placing online carrier bids. Following the auction process, CLX LaneLogixSM enables us to determine the best carrier mix and savings based on service levels, capacity commitments, and rates.

Simplify your procurement processes, reduce your operational costs, and create significant savings in bulk, truckload, LTL, rail, intermodal, and international shipment modes.

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Procurement in 10 Steps with CLX LaneLogixSM



Effective Chemical Freight Procurement, Bidding, and Benchmarking


Case Study:

Achieving Chemical Supply Chain Optimization with CLX LaneLogixSM


Take Your Chemical Supply Chain Further With CLX LaneLogix℠ & CLX Gravity℠

CLX GravitySM enhances CLX LaneLogixSM with its unique ability to combine your transportation data with any other database into one central warehouse. This seamless integration makes it easier to identify opportunities that create value for your customers and optimize supply chain visibility, performance, and spend.

  • Increase the value of your transportation spend faster than ever before.
  • Reduce IT involvement in your data analysis processes
  • Reduce costs and complexity of combining and managing disparate systems
  • Gain actionable supply chain visibility across your organization
  • Optimize performance based on data-driven recommendations
  • Reduce risk and enhance decision-making with access to decades of data

Gauge and Improve Your Freight Management Performance: Six Critical Key Performance Indicators

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