As a foundation piece of our intermodal transportation services, rail transportation is among the most reliable, predictable, and effective shipping methods available, yet it can be complex to manage and maintain. At CLX Logistics, we help supply chain managers utilize this strategic mode of transportation with an advanced TMS and support services that track fleets and minimize timelines.

Backed by CLX’s expertise in rail negotiations, contract management, and sizing analysis, our rail management services help improve fleet utilization and reduce overall operating costs while ensuring continuous rail fleet performance improvement with proactive management reporting. Talk to one of our experts about your rail fleet management needs.

Precise Railcar and Container Tracking

If you’re involved in shipping or receiving freight by rail, you’ll need to track the whereabouts of those railcars and anticipate their arrival times. In response to our shippers’ demands for more accurate ETAs, CLX Rail Fleet Management includes a precision railcar tracking system that helps:

  • Streamline railcar movements
  • Reduce fleet cycle times with accurate railcar tracing
  • Gain real-time access to railcar CLM sightings gathered from multiple VANs
  • Track and trace your entire rail fleet from a single, convenient dashboard

Industry-Leading Fleet Analytics

CLX Rail Fleet Management includes market-leading fleet analytics solutions that help your organization correctly size rail fleets and eliminate unnecessary spending. Eye-opening performance metrics enable rail managers to discover previously unforeseen costs. With an endless influx of rich data from various sources, rail managers can develop better, more accurate plans and budgets and minimize railroad demurrage charges.

Experience-Based Rail and Train Shipping Rate Management

Experience-based train shipping rate management is critical to reduce freight costs through the use of data-driven insights, enhancing efficiency in the  rail transportation sector. With the help of our highly experienced negotiators and extensive rail database, CLX Logistics Rail Fleet Management delivers:

  • improved lease and train shipping rates
  • Streamlined contract renewal negotiations
  • Up-to-date global tariff information and management

Complete Invoice Auditing

Staying on to of invoices ensures that your chemical train shipping operation is functioning at its highest capacity. CLX’s expert contract managers and negotiators provide detailed management of carrier and vendor invoices that help avoid costly and time-consuming inaccuracies.

  • Eliminate duplicates
  • Ensure proper freight classification
  • Apply all available discounts
  • Check accessorial billing accuracy
  • Use the correct base rates every time
  • Accurately bill all freight taxes

Railcar Maintenance Management Programs

CLX Rail Fleet Management delivers a full suite of railcar maintenance and management solutions. Rely on our experienced team and industry-leading resources to help:

  • Schedule routine and non-routine railcar maintenance
  • Maintain inspection and repair history
  • Eliminate costly equipment failures

Rail Fleet Management and Transportation Management System

  • Railcar tracking and tracing
  • Rail container tracking
  • Real-time access to railcar CLM sightings gathered from multiple VANs
  • Store fronting with client logos and links to client web homepages
  • Quick search and real-time customizable queries
  • Real-time ETA calculations
  • Standard and customizable management reporting
  • Fleet utilization and cycle time analysis
  • Client demurrage and asset hold reporting
  • Extensive multilevel data detailing

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