Has your carrier backed out at the last minute? Are you unable to find a truck for a shipment you need delivered? Freight brokerage services solves this common logistics problem by finding coverage fast.

The award-winning CLX Logistics freight brokerage services team connects carriers with available capacity to clients who need to support shipments now. We provide vital 3PL freight brokerage services for businesses small and large across the country and have expertise in a wide range of industries, including chemicals, auto and consumer appliances.

As a relationship-driven, transactional service, freight brokerage services requires reliable communication between the 3PL, the carrier and the client. CLX Logistics is known for our long-term relationships with both trusted carriers and shippers in frequent need of freight brokerage services, and we are experienced in acting fast to support the missing links in streamlined supply chains.

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What is a Freight Broker and What Do They Do?

Freight brokerage is a service offered by a third-party logistics provider (3PL) that links shippers with carriers to deliver loads. For shippers, outsourcing freight transportation needs instead of working directly with a carrier is often the easiest, most hassle-free way to guarantee a shipment reaches its destination fast. Shippers are able to skip the paperwork and solve pressing problems, and carriers save time and money by filling their truck capacity.

When a carrier backs out of a contract, a shipper is unable to find a carrier that meets their needs or a delivery must be made quickly, logistics brokerage companies can find, book and dispatch a truck immediately and maintain clear communication with the client. Brokerage logistics solutions are problem-solving services provided by always-on logistics professionals who are experts in their field.

Typical freight brokerage transactions begin with a request for coverage, followed by immediate order tender and freight scheduling. The 3PL assists with dispatch, loading, transit, unloading and ensuring delivery while communicating progress updates to clients via phone and email.

Benefits of Our Freight Brokerage Services

  • Accessible and responsive customer service team
  • Industry-specific expertise and specialized chemical freight
  • Expert issue management and reliable dual-method communication
  • Qualified network of 300+ trusted carriers with national reach
  • Fast and accurate shipments delivered on time
  • Support for a variety of shipment modes
  • Timely in-transit tracking, reporting and updates
  • Dependable shipment delivery confirmation
  • Chemical Freight Brokerage

    CLX Logistics specializes in serving the niche chemical market and offers freight brokerage trusted by chemical manufacturers and shippers around the world. Our brokerage and logistics solutions satisfy specific regulatory pressures and safety and security concerns and are backed by the expertise and capabilities needed to safely move hazardous liquids and solid chemical substances to their destinations. CLX Logistics has won multiple awards from our clients, who trust our freight brokerage team to ensure the fast and accurate on-time delivery of their goods.

  • Operational Support

    CLX Logistics has access to the capacity you need, when you need it. Our network of trusted and vetted carriers helps us find shippers fast to meet your unique requirements and modes. The shipping modes we can service include full truckload (FTL), less than truckload (LTL), bulk, expedited, oversized haul, open deck, flatbed and drop trailers. We can also accommodate special modes, support drayage as needed and locate dry van, refrigerated and temperature-controlled environments for goods. Our client brokerage contracts and insurance ensure that our exceptional freight brokerage services live up to their name by meeting your requirements with speed and complete accuracy.

  • Trusted Carrier Network

    Our established company-wide and freight brokerage relationships with more than 300 high-quality carriers means carriers come to us offering capacity for our clients. We thoroughly vet each and every one, reviewing safety ratings, HAZMAT certifications and qualified insurance coverage. Carriers communicate their ability to handle specific materials without causing damage and we work with their team to guarantee safe, accurate and on-time deliveries supported by signed carrier brokerage agreements. CLX Logistics asks shippers the right questions upfront to match them with a qualified carrier from this pool that satisfies their unique needs and can complete a shipment from start to finish. We verify equipment needs, unloading methods (pumps, air, etc.), prior load restrictions, special requirements and more to get the job done right.

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