Build a next-generation supply chain with CLX Gravity®

Do you struggle to achieve a sophisticated level of supply chain visibility in your organization that drives continuous improvement, optimizes spend, and reduces risk? With CLX Gravity®’s enhanced analytics management capabilities, you can. CLX Gravity® takes traditional analytics a step further with comprehensive data integration capabilities that combine both internal and external sources. The intelligent curation, organization, and analysis of key data points provides decision makers with data-driven insights to build and sustain a next-generation supply chain.

CLX Gravity® is just one tool that enables CLX Logistics® to build and manage next-generation supply chains through forward-thinking analytics, and close the gaps between visibility, performance, spend, and risk. Learn how CLX Gravity® can transform your chemical supply chain today.

Spend less time gathering transportation data and more time using it

CLX Gravity® allows us to incorporate custom data sources that draw from benchmarking and freight payment sources, e2open® TMS, and other external systems. By combining all of these inputs in the right ways, we can quickly discover and implement creative and intelligent supply chain enhancements. CLX Gravity® makes it faster and easier to build more accurate transportation models, develop better forecasts, and prepare for any challenge.

  • Increase the value of your transportation spend faster than ever before
  • Reduce IT involvement in your data analysis
  • Reduce costs and complexity of combining and managing disparate systems

“I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Donna, Rob, Troy, and the CLX Logistics® team for investigating the higher road transportation costs identified buy the business team in Q4 2020. They quickly pulled together the cost data by lane and identified the premium spend vs. the contract rate. Working sessions are in progress to collect business strategy and VOC to work through suggested improvements resulting in future logistics savings.”

-Karen M., Global Chemical Supplier

Manage transportation analytics with CLX Gravity®

What makes CLX Gravity® unique is its ability to combine transportation data with any other database necessary into a central warehouse where sophisticated analytical tools are applied. This process allows experienced logistics professionals to effectively identify opportunities that create value for your customers and optimize supply chain visibility, performance, and spend. The abundance of data pouring into CLX Gravity® every day, including weather, consumer data, transportation destinations, origins, timing, invoices, and more, results in a powerful transportation innovation engine that the seasoned supply chain analysts and engineers at CLX Logistics® use to measure the right data and make the right connections throughout your transportation network.

CLX Gravity® helps answer critical supply chain questions:

  • How efficient is my transportation spend compared to my peers using the same lanes and modes?
  • How well is my transportation routing guide performing?
  • What areas of performance are unique to me or a result of the chemical transportation business environment?
  • How should the size of my private fleet evolve to compensate for demand and market expectations?
  • How do I collaborate with other shippers to share excess private fleet capacity in the area?

Your complete transportation managed analytics solution

Regardless of the TMS platform or business model you’re using, CLX Logistics® can use CLX Gravity® to bring innovation and efficiency to your supply chains. Most systems are flexible enough to merge data from external sources into CLX Gravity®’s customizable algorithm architecture, leading to:

  • Cost savings of approximately 2-5 percent of transportation spend
  • Actionable supply chain visibility across your entire organization
  • Performance optimization based on data-driven recommendations
  • Reduced risk and smarter decision-making backed by decades of data

Getting started with CLX Gravity®

With the ability to manipulate data within seconds, CLX Gravity® enables chemical logistics specialists to fix problems, not spend time trying to find them. For a free demonstration that incorporates your data with CLX Gravity®’s transportation managed analytics capabilities, contact us today.