Rethinking Supply Chain Performance with Transportation Managed Analytics

Download this free whitepaper to learn how to drive continuous improvement of your supply chain with Transportation Managed Analytics. This new and integrated information process curates, organizes and analyzes raw data points and trends, and turns them into actionable supply chain optimization tactics.

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This free, ten-page whitepaper will demonstrate how Transportation Managed Analytics has upended the status quo of supply chains by generating new potential for optimization. As supply chain managers face challenges caused by the trucking capacity crunch and ELD Mandate, among others, they require new ideas for increasing efficiency and optimizing spend. Transportation Managed Analytics does just that by transforming raw, inefficient data points into accessible, actionable knowledge and tactics.

CLX offers supply chain analytics services to help create more efficient and spend friendly supply chains for any facet of your business. Let our team of specialists analyze your supply chain data to offer you supply chain analytics solutions through our expertise and proven processes. By letting CLX provide insights about analytics in logistics and transportation, we can enable any business to fashion a more budget and time friendly supply chain.

Some of the benefits CLX provides for managed transportation and logistics analytics are:

  • Interactive database analysis and visualization tools
  • The ability to maintain 6 million plus lines of data
  • Replacing data prep with cross-correlation analysis capabilities
  • A single architecture and methodology for tracking metrics
  • Securely housing encrypted data on an internal server
  • Efficient and smart use of information, leading to continuous improvement