Guide: Effective Chemical Freight Procurement, Bidding, and Benchmarking

Download this Guide to understand the major steps in the chemical freight procurement, bidding, and benchmarking processes, get key insights from seasoned 4PL experts from CLX Logistics, and enhance the efficiency of your supply chains while reducing spend. With support from our Gartner-recognized suite of services, you’ll save time and money, develop dependable connections with trusted carriers, and build more efficient global chemical supply chains from end to end.

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Take Your Chemical Freight Procurement, Bidding, and Benchmarking Further

  • Significant Improvements Across All Modes
  • Quickly Identify Performance Improvements
  • Explore Better Business Tradeoffs
  • Develop Cross-Industry Best Practices

About CLX Logistics

CLX Logistics, LLC is a leading 4PL provider of comprehensive global chemical logistics management, technology, and supply chain consulting services. With offices in North America and Europe, CLX Logistics solves its customers’ most vital logistics challenges by leveraging a broad range of industry expertise, best-of-breed technology, and a personalized, high-touch approach to deliver measurable, sustainable value.