Take Control of Your Logistics Spending With CLX Gravity™

Do you ever wish for a better picture of exactly how much you’re spending on transportation?

With so many disparate systems, it takes a serious commitment of time and effort to get all your data sources and reporting tools working in concert. To maximize the continual optimization of your spend, you need a single analytics platform that improves transportation visibility by combining data from all your various internal systems and transportation management system.

In this blog, we look at how CLX Gravity™ makes transportation spending more transparent for your company with clear, actionable insights.

Complete Transportation Network Visibility

CLX Gravity provides a holistic view of your global supply chain while simultaneously enabling our logistics analysts to continually monitor and optimize your network. Tracking every cent of your transportation spend has never been easier with data from global regions, partners, and systems all consolidated in one single place.

Complete customer ABC-segmentation integration lets you drive differentiated transportation performance while monitoring the impact of present market conditions for you and your competitors with detailed comparisons.

Less Time Gathering Logistics Data and More Time Using It

CLX Gravity’s clean, user-friendly interface allows you to easily swap from an overview of high-level spend analytics to granular shipment-level details in seconds. Crystal clear reporting shows how your procurement events align with market conditions to make any necessary corrections in response to evolving market conditions.

Auditing is also quicker and easier with CLX Gravity. Tasks such as comprehensive carrier rate increase audits are simple to produce and analyze whenever you need, and built-in access to the chemical industry’s best practices further streamlines the process of continuous improvement.

Develop New Cost-Savings Initiatives

Quantitative analyses comparing your freight to your peers can help shed light on new opportunities for your transportation networks that reduce costs and shipping times. Detailed access to the chemical industry’s best practices ensures that every aspect of your supply chain is on the right path for continuous improvement.

CLX Gravity also allows you to easily develop scorecard programs for your own organization as well as your carriers to precisely track KPIs and make smart, data-backed decisions. Enjoy greater transparency in your own process and make sure you’re getting the most value for your money.

Take the Next Step With Your Transportation Management System

If you’re not making the most of all the data that’s available to you as quickly as possible, you’re losing time and money. It’s as simple as that. CLX Gravity helps you:

  • Optimize your transportation spending and efficiency
  • Increase supply chain visibility with robust reporting, dashboards, and KPI measurement tools
  • Easily monitor multiple modes of transportation, domestically and internationally
  • Analyze data to reduce costs and improve carrier performance
  • Tap into CLX’s expertise, best practice, and business intelligence to drive continuous improvements

CLX Gravity gathers all relevant data from your internal systems and BluJay TMS so you can act quickly and use it in the right ways. As markets change, you’ll have the insights you need to make faster, better-informed decisions. Contact us at information@clxlogistics.com or 1 (800) 288-4851 to get started.

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