Guide: Effective Chemical Freight Procurement, Bidding, and Benchmarking

One of the most efficient ways to optimize a chemical supply chain logistics strategy from top to bottom is through proper planning, analysis, and smart decision-making in the procurement, bidding, and benchmarking process. With this guide, we look at the major steps involved, offer key insights from the experts at CLX Logistics, and help you enhance the efficiency of your supply chains while reducing spend.

Planning and Preparation

In chemical logistics, the preparation phase is where we determine the scope of a project and strategize all freight procurement, inquiry, manufacturing, and logistics processes.

  • Evaluate carriers
  • Validate and analyze available data
  • Determine bidding strategies
  • Create a request for proposal (RFP)
  • Set up a bid-hosting environment

Throughout preparations, your chemical logistics specialist needs to keep top level management up to date with all of the resources and materials needed to make the right supply chain decisions. At CLX Logistics, we focus on:

  • Supply chain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Peer groups of companies
  • Measurements and targets that can reach the site and process levels

Procurement and Bid Management

The primary goal in the bid management phase is to support our carriers. Powerful bid tools are used in combination with best-in-class chemical supply chain logistics data to create a competitive environment for chemical freight carriers, enabling you to generate the best possible shipping costs. With more shipments than ever running through our system, our process generates savings much faster than conventional transportation bid processes.

Advanced Freight Procurement Solutions

ChemLogix utilizes industry benchmarks, CLX Logistics’ own unique market intelligence, and online tools to drive savings while finding highly qualified resources. ChemLogix benchmarks current vs. best-in-class rates via an extensive database to optimize bidding, and produces significant savings across bulk, truckload, LTL, parcel, rail, intermodal, and ocean modes.

Your Complete Chemical Logistics Procurement Toolbox

  • A single, centralized chemical logistics transportation procurement solution
  • A streamlined bidding process with transparent sourcing
  • A defined bid strategy based on your performance compared to the market
  • A standard set of accessorial charges
  • Scheduled sourcing cycles that ensure you’re getting the best rates
  • Access to a variety of internal and external data sources, including TMS
  • Active transportation rate performance benchmarking against your own carriers and independent sources
  • Measuring and reporting solutions against peer companies at all levels of an organization 

Continuous Benchmarking & Analysis

Successful benchmarking demands a continuous process before and after bidding. External variables such as natural disasters, global health issues, worker strikes, politics, and local governance can lead to quickly rising rates if left unchecked and unmanaged. Chemical logistics analysts use extensive rate databases and automated RFQ tools to benchmark current rates against best-in-class shippers prior to placing online carrier bids.

Post-bid benchmarking helps determine the best carrier mix and savings based on service levels, capacity commitments, and rates. A simple yet thoughtfully planned benchmarking process in your supply chain helps reduce operational costs and create significant savings in bulk, truckload, LTL, rail, intermodal, and international shipment modes.

Top Chemical Logistics KPIs:

  1. Safety
  2. Service
  3. Freight Costs
  4. Efficiency & Productivity
  5. Route Guide Compliance
  6. Sustainability

By evaluating the direct causes behind each KPI, you can identify key areas for improvement and drive enterprise-wide chemical supply chain performance. See our guide to KPIs here.

Benefits of a Successful Benchmarking Program

  • Identify performance improvements
  • Discover interdependencies and relationships between KPIs
  • Explore better business tradeoffs
  • Find opportunities for cross-industry best practices

Upgrade Your Chemical Freight Procurement, Bidding, and Benchmarking Today

Now that you’ve got a handle on the chemical freight procurement, bidding, and benchmarking processes, it’s time to take action. CLX Logistics is the first and last step in adopting and implementing a rapidly effective procurement, bidding, and benchmarking process for your chemical logistics supply chain.

With a Gartner-recognized suite of services, our professional and chemical freight solutions save you time and money, develop dependable connections with trusted carriers, and assure you that your supply chain is as efficient as possible. Contact us to maximize every aspect of your chemical supply chain.


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