A Guide to Choosing Freight Brokerage Companies in 2022

When a business needs to get connected with shippers and freight service providers, they often rely on a freight broker to manage the logistics of that engagement. Shippers and carriers each have unique requirements and schedules, and a freight broker acts as a middle man who matches two good partners together to arrange successful shipments. For shippers, outsourcing freight transportation needs instead of working directly with a carrier is often the easiest, most hassle-free way to guarantee a shipment reaches its destination fast. Shippers can skip the paperwork and solve pressing problems, and carriers save time and money by filling their truck capacity. CLX Logistics is unique for our specialization in bulk chemical transportation, but freight brokers exist in all areas of the industry, including lowboy hauling, oversize loads, auto carriers, and many others.
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Ultimate Guide to Managed Transportation Services

Modern logistics problems demand modern solutions. Today, countless US shippers face supply chain issues like driver shortages, capacity inefficiencies, government regulations, shrinking delivery windows, and rising transportation costs. Companies slow to address these issues run a severe risk of falling behind competitors who continuously seek faster, more efficient, and cost-effective chemical logistics solutions. Facing these challenges, the market is seeing significant increases in the reliance on outsourced shipping specialists for logistics and supply chain services – first and foremost are comprehensive managed transportation solutions.

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Transportation Visibility: What You Need to Know

Transportation Visibility [trans-per-tey-shuhn viz-uh-bil-i-tee]
The ability to know where a shipment is at any time and when it will arrive at its destination.

“CLX Logistics offers modern telematics provide real-time transportation visibility on all in-transit shipments, anywhere in the world.”

Transportation visibility is critical to success in today’s logistics industry. Past methods of shipment tracking and tracing were often comprised of a website or 3rd party program. Through a relatively cold and clunky interface, users could input container numbers, airway bills, rail numbers, and other bits and pieces of information. Visibility was limited, data was often inaccurate, and real-time exceptions like delays, inventory complications, and other network service fluctuations were difficult to manage properly. Rising customer expectations for shorter transportation times and increased transparency lead increasing businesses to seek systems that can better collect and share all types of tracking information and data across the supply chain.

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The Challenges Chemical Shippers Face in Designing a Precision 4PL

The past couple of years have seen unprecedented disruptions to all types of businesses in every industry. COVID-19, economic instabilities, and rapidly changing global political situations impact countless logistics operations. In response, supply chains have adapted quickly. But not every chemical shipper did as well as they could have. Smart, precision supply chain management means building in greater flexibility and adaptability to deal with the inevitable ‘what ifs.’

In our new Guide: Design a Precision 4PL for Chemical Logistics, we provide a comprehensive look at chemical logistics 4PLs, examining your current supply chain, and designing a precision chemical 4PL. Today, we’re focusing on the different challenges that chemical supply chains face and how a specially designed, precision fourth-party logistics provider (4PL) can help.

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ISO Tank Capacity Guide

Our intermodal shipping containers specialize in bulk ISO tanks and our large fleet is ready to transport your bulk liquid chemicals. We provide this intermodal transportation solution from the shipper’s plant to the consignee—with comprehensive tracking and monitoring—all on a single bill of lading. As the leader in global chemical supply chain management, CLX Logistics knows what it takes to safely transport large quantities of liquid chemical products. Our global fluency and international presence enable us to optimize the transportation of chemical products and compositions to locations around the world quickly and safely. With extensive international transportation management and logistics experience and state-of-the-art strategies and equipment, we simplify processes, enhance supply chain efficiency, and reduce costs for our partners. To help our customers, we have created an ISO Tank Capacity Guide to help with your Intermodal needs.

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Guide: Effective Chemical Freight Procurement, Bidding, and Benchmarking

One of the most efficient ways to optimize a chemical supply chain logistics strategy from top to bottom is through proper planning, analysis, and smart decision-making in the procurement, bidding, and benchmarking process. With this guide, we look at the major steps involved, offer key insights from the experts at CLX Logistics, and help you enhance the efficiency of your supply chains while reducing spend.

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