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Our intermodal shipping containers specialize in bulk ISO tanks and our large fleet is ready to transport your bulk liquid chemicals. We provide this intermodal transportation solution from the shipper’s plant to the consignee—with comprehensive tracking and monitoring—all on a single bill of lading. As the leader in global chemical supply chain management, CLX Logistics knows what it takes to safely transport large quantities of liquid chemical products. Our global fluency and international presence enable us to optimize the transportation of chemical products and compositions to locations around the world quickly and safely. With extensive international transportation management and logistics experience and state-of-the-art strategies and equipment, we simplify processes, enhance supply chain efficiency, and reduce costs for our partners. To help our customers, we have created an ISO Tank Capacity Guide to help with your Intermodal needs.

This ISO Tank Capacity Guide describes the formula and procedures we use to identify optimal ISO tank sizes for given quantities of liquid chemical products.

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SG x 8.34 = lbs. per gallon
44,000 ÷ lbs. per gallon = max weight per tank
Size x 80% = minimum weight at 80%


1.25 x 8.34 = 10.425
44,000 ÷ 10.425 = 4221 max weight
6340 x 80% = 5072 min weight for 24,000 liter tank








Download the Guide

CLX Logistics, the world leader in chemical supply chain solutions, is a seasoned provider of global transportation management, technology and supply chain consulting services. With a unique set of regulatory and security concerns, chemical logistics requires a careful mix of expertise, solutions, management and tracking. There is a reason why leading chemical manufacturers and shippers around the world continue to choose and trust us for their logistics. More than a transactional 3PL provider, we proudly deliver economic value to your entire supply chain and help accelerate success for your company and your expectant customers.

We are proud to be the largest intermodal transport company and provider of domestic, door-to-door, intermodal transportation service for the bulk liquid chemical market. With an up to forty percent cost savings when compared to domestic tank truck shipments of hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals, CLX Logistics has been helping companies, including those in the chemical sector, increase performance and reduce costs with intermodal transportation for more than twenty years. As one of the most trusted intermodal transportation companies with a large fleet of specially built, lightweight ISO tanks containers and chassis, our intermodal transport company services are available for all of North America, including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

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