The Challenges Chemical Shippers Face in Designing a Precision 4PL

The past couple of years have seen unprecedented disruptions to all types of businesses in every industry. COVID-19, economic instabilities, and rapidly changing global political situations impact countless logistics operations. In response, supply chains have adapted quickly. But not every chemical shipper did as well as they could have. Smart, precision supply chain management means building in greater flexibility and adaptability to deal with the inevitable ‘what ifs.’

In our new Guide: Design a Precision 4PL for Chemical Logistics, we provide a comprehensive look at chemical logistics 4PLs, examining your current supply chain, and designing a precision chemical 4PL. Today, we’re focusing on the different challenges that chemical supply chains face and how a specially designed, precision fourth-party logistics provider (4PL) can help.

The Unique Challenges of Chemical Supply Chain Logistics

Today’s rapidly evolving supply chain landscape means chemical shippers need to consider the core competencies of their 4PL more than ever. The right 4PL combines a focus on chemical logistics with a high level of experience and extensive precision capabilities that optimize efficiency and spend. The potentially hazardous nature of many chemical products demands expertise in maintaining compliance with regulations. It’s critical for chemical manufacturers to partner with a 4PL that specializes in, understands, and complies with the regulations and responsibilities set by the federal government, especially concerning HAZMAT and temperature-sensitive freight.

How a Precision 4PL Solves These Challenges

A precision chemical 4PL enables chemical shippers to save time and money through expert guidance, specialized procedures and equipment, and up-to-date regulatory support. Modern chemical logistics providers combine a core focus on chemical logistics with experience and market-leading capabilities to maximize your transportation spend and drive new cost-saving initiatives throughout your supply chain.

The biggest differences between traditional logistics and chemical logistics come down to the containers required to safely transport chemical freight and all of the regulations that chemical products must follow. Bulk ISO tanks are used to transport liquid chemicals across networks and modes and are standardized worldwide for safe use in bulk liquid chemical shipping. Check out our ISO Tank Capacity Guide here to learn about the formula and procedures CLX uses to identify the optimal ISO tank sizes for any given quantity of liquid chemical products.

Due to the hazardous nature of many chemical products, chemical logistics involves maintaining compliance with regulations set forth by the US and other countries to strictly follow proper safety, transportation, storage, and handling precautions. Global hazardous materials regulations change frequently, and experienced 4PLs have to stay up to date on those changes diligently. It’s critical for chemical manufacturers to partner with a 4PL that specializes in, understands, and complies with the regulations and responsibilities set by the federal government. Read our Guide to HAZMAT Classes in Transportation to learn more about the various HAZMAT Classes defined by the FMCSA.

With the right mix of chemical logistics experts, proven processes, and advanced technologies, a precision chemical 4PL helps shippers improve their supply chain:

  • Achieve significant cost reductions
  • Avoid capacity constraints
  • Implement forward storage solutions to eliminate delays
  • Reduce a network’s overall carbon footprint

Start Designing Your Precision 4PL

Chemical logistics is a 24/7 operation that takes the right monitoring capabilities and experience to continuously find new efficiencies across appointment booking, carrier booking, loading site designation, and more. Your 4PL’s Managed Transportation program needs flexible offerings tailored to your unique needs. It’s the only way to achieve better supply chain market intelligence, reduced global chemical supply chain costs, and improved service and visibility at every level.

Download our Guide: Design a Precision 4PL for Chemical Logistics now to get started. Want to talk to one of our experts about your supply chain situation? Contact us today.

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