Optimize Shipping with a Transportation Management System

Since 2020, you’ve likely been bombarded with the news and effects of supply chain slowdowns throughout most every industry. Whether from labor or product shortages, clogged ports, or geopolitical interference—shipping interruptions are a problem. However, while the state of shipping and logistics may be complicated, supply chain shortages and interruptions are nothing new to logistics professionals. While easier said than done, most would agree that the key to avoiding shipping interruptions is to take preventative action before your services are affected by external forces out of your control.

One of the most effective methods of preventative, proactive planning for minimal shipping and supply chain interruptions is to implement a Transportation Management System (TMS). Implementing a TMS increases visibility across your entire supply chain, creating opportunities for next-level control of shipping speed, efficiency, cost, and adaptability.

Defining a Transportation Management System

A transportation management system is a logistics technology platform that helps manufacturers, distributors, 3PLs, and any participant in the supply chain system plan, execute, and optimize the transportation of incoming and outgoing goods and ensure shipments are compliant and properly documented. A TMS provides visibility into shippers’ transportation operations, trade compliance information, and documentation and ensures the timely and most efficient delivery of freight and goods. This technology is essential in modern logistics to help streamline shipping processes and facilitate better management of transportation operations, no matter the modes used.

A transportation management system such as CLX TMS is a platform that logistics professionals leverage to plan, execute, and optimize transportation operations and ensure delivery performance, maximum efficiency, and compliance to partners and customers anywhere in the world. The platform provides advanced visibility and control over your chemical logistics operations with interactive dashboards and real-time metrics that allow shippers to remain on time and budget. Using CLX TMS, shippers can compartmentalize shipments as efficiently as possible and catch problems if and when they occur.

Requirements and Features of a Transport Management System

As with most tools and software, the quality of transportation management systems can vary from provider to provider, and some are better suited for different applications than others. Regardless, specific requirements should be a part of every TMS to ensure you’re implementing a quality system for managing your vital logistics.

When implementing a transport management system to manage your chemical logistics, make sure the system you choose includes:

  • Complete visibility across all modes of transportation from procurement to delivery, including order management and warehouse management.
  • Compliance capabilities to ensure you adhere to all regulatory practices across all locations and shipping practices.
  • Rating abilities to help select the correct shipping method and carrier.
  • Automatic booking and tendering to select the most affordable and efficient shipping method and carrier.
  • Load planning to pack shipments more effectively, maximize load sizes, and optimize route planning.

A transport management system simplifies and optimizes domestic and international logistics for shippers, freight forwarders, carriers, and 3PLs by improving visibility and control over the entire shipping process.

CLX Transportation Management System Features

When it comes to a transportation management system for chemical shipping, there is no comparison to the features and global reach of CLX TMS powered by e2open. Our offering simplifies and optimizes domestic and international logistics for chemical shippers, freight forwarders, carriers, and logistics service providers by providing capabilities based on your specific needs to serve your customers better. CLX TMS provides a single application purpose-built for your business’s unique volumes and workflows, covering all modes and regions, domestically or internationally, with full functionality for planning, carrier procurement, execution, tracking, and settlement. 

CLX TMS grants access to the broadest global chemical carrier network.

CLX TMS increases profitability for all parties, connects global trade, channel, and supply chain ecosystems, increases visibility, allows shipments to be pinpointed globally, and above all, enables shippers to provide the highest level of service to customers and partners.

The core offering of CLX TMS for all businesses includes: 

  • Carrier coverage across all modes and regions for domestic and international shipments
  • Optimization tools to reduce costs and meet delivery targets
  • Direct connections to trade compliance, order management, and warehouse management systems
  • Specialized capabilities such as fleet management, last-mile delivery, rail tendering, and global parcel shipping

Critical Benefits of CLX Transportation Management Systems

CLX TMS powered by e2open helps chemical shippers to achieve best-in-class operations in every aspect of their transportation network to deliver significant and rapid ROI with benefits such as:

  • Consolidating freight from less-than-truckload to truckload, or for outbound or inbound moves from a distribution center
  • Management of the entire logistics operation from front to back, handling multiple languages, currencies, and time zones 
  • Automated carrier invoice matching and reconciliation of billing errors before payment authorization 
  • Enterprise-class, multi-carrier parcel shipping system that supports complex, high-volume, multi-location, domestic, and international chemical shipping 
  • An easy-to-use interface that accelerates startup time with “near-zero” training

Key Features of CLX Transportation Management System

  • Carrier Management: Plan and execute carrier management strategies with powerful contract management tools and dynamic routing-guide capabilities. 
  • SaaS Solution: Improve speed-to-value through faster updates without upgrade costs. 
  • Seamless Integration: Integrate CLX TMS into one or multiple existing ERP environments. 
  • Global Carrier Network: Plug into an easily accessible global carrier and freight forwarder network. 
  • Network Visibility: Track and control freight via the web and real-time visibility with leading tracking services. 
  • Reporting & Analytics: Develop data-driven strategies to hit KPIs using interactive dashboards.

For a more detailed analysis of CLX TMS powered by e2open’s ability to transform and optimize your global and domestic chemical shipping capabilities, check out our transportation management system data sheet:

[A Global TMS for Effective Supply Chain Management]

A TMS to Meet Your Needs

To overcome modern problems, you must meet these demands with modern solutions. That’s what a TMS does—it brings shipping into the future by increasing visibility, control, and optimization of your entire global supply chain.

Are you ready to implement a leading global TMS to meet your chemical supply chain needs? Contact us today to get started.


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