Introducing Rocket the Turtle

Hailing from Cedar Lake, Chicago, Rocket J. Turtleson began his leadership journey growing up among his 1,000 siblings. Someone had to be in charge and organize the many moving parts of such a big family, so that’s how he spent his childhood. Once a bit older, Rocket traveled to Buffalo Bayou in Houston, Texas—a city he loved and vowed to return to one day.

After three years in Houston, Rocket decided to enroll in school and start a career. Heading to a different part of the country this time, Rocket enrolled in the SMEAL College MBA program at Penn State University with a concentration in Supply Chain Management. While there, he was also a member of the ROTCN program, leading him to join the Navy after graduation. This adventure found him stationed in Hawaii aboard the USS Chicago (officially—the rest is classified information). This massive submarine is where Rocket was introduced to tanks being utilized for fuel logistics, which he oversaw.

Ultimately, this interest in fuel logistics led him to pursue a career transporting freight worldwide.

Rocket felt CLX Logistics had just the tools he needed to be a world-class leader in chemical logistics. He found himself inspired by offerings like:

Managed Transportation Services

Someone working behind the scenes 24/7 to help lower costs and improve service, with a fully customizable menu of transportation services tailored to chemical shipping, would be an immense value to him.


Rocket could leverage a world-class, plug-and-play transportation management system to increase visibility over an entire supply chain dramatically.

Bulk Intermodal Service

Bulk intermodal would be especially beneficial for multi-modal capabilities, making the most of each method to help reduce emissions, simplify management, and lower costs.

CLX LaneLogix

Partnering with other in-network shippers helps ensure freight arrives on time, so something like CLX LangeLogix that helps streamline and optimize Rocket’s benchmarking, bidding, and procurement processes is a great addition.

CLX Freight Brokerage

CLX’s long-term carrier relationships ensure that when transportation is needed immediately but Rocket is not personally available, he can rest assured his clients are taken care of by another outstanding provider.

CLX Gravity

This modern solution to transportation managed analytics is ideal for exactly the types of global supply chains Rocket deals with daily.

International Services

Rocket would make excellent use of CLX’s international services as he directs freight all around the world, helping to ensure speed, safety, and dependability while keeping costs as low as possible.

Supply Chain Consulting

Rocket knows there’s always room for improvement. That’s where CLX comes in. CLX’s experts provide strategic design, tactical optimizations, and operational support that helps optimize routes to save significant time and money.

Rocket joined the CLX family in 2013 as our VP of Logistics Efficiency and has been a pillar in our organization, helping provide the best transportation service to clients worldwide. He currently resides in Perkiomen Creek, PA, with his wife and a growing family of 215 children. Rocket fishes on the Chesapeake Bay during his free time and fits in a healthy CrossFit schedule to keep his shell strong.

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