Improving On-Time Deliveries with CLX LaneLogix

The demand for faster, more efficient, and streamlined chemical transportation solutions are always growing and evolving. It’s vital for chemical manufacturers to have access to the right data to contextualize their operation in comparison with the rest of the market and facilitate on-time deliveries (OTD). Recently, CLX Logistics assisted two of the top-10 biggest chemical firms with separate requests to improve their OTDs.

Why Are OTDs So Important?

  • Outperform the market to gain a competitive advantage
  • Establish more trustworthy relationships with clients
  • Achieve continuous transportation operations improvement

Client Challenges

CLIENT 1: One chemical company wanted to understand and report exactly why their OTDs had decreased over the past year. They needed to analyze market conditions, internal processes, and any underlying causes in order to make improvements. Their needs boiled down to identifying and anticipating chemical shipping best practices for their region.

CLIENT 2: Another chemical company wanted to get a clear idea of how their OTDs were performing, and if reason-code use of their carriers conformed with the market. Additionally, they were interested in how their network compared to the market with regard to shipping distances, weights, equipment utilization, and spot market use.

The CLX Logistics Solution

As a neutral outside party, CLX Logistics used our CLX LaneLogix platform to analyze how each carrier performed compared to other chemical companies in the region. We looked at the specific underperforming areas and obtained a complete understanding of their exact causes, such as market developments, operational inefficiencies, and more. CLX LaneLogix enables us to:

  • Provide a better context for transportation operations
  • Increase the value of your transportation spend faster than ever before
  • Reduce IT involvement in your data analysis processes
  • Reduce costs and complexity of combining and managing disparate systems
  • Gain actionable supply chain visibility across your organization
  • Optimize performance based on data-driven recommendations

Results to Date

CLIENT 1: CLX Logistics found that this chemical manufacturer’s transportation network was underperforming in over half of their market over hundreds of thousands of shipments per year. We strategically set new targets for OTDs based on CLX LaneLogix market data and developed a complete set of processes and best practices to meet the goals.

CLIENT 2: CLX Logistics worked with this chemical manufacturer to fully understand their internal best practices and ensure consistency across every aspect of their transportation network. CLX LaneLogix helped us understand and compare their competitors’ networks and enabled us to implement new strategies to continuously measure and understand their operations and make smart decisions

About CLX Logistics, LLC

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