Case Study: Improving On-Time Deliveries with CLX LaneLogix

As the demand for faster, more efficient, and streamlined chemical transportation solutions continues to grow and evolve, chemical manufacturers need to have access to the right data to contextualize their operations compared with the rest of the market and facilitate more on-time deliveries. Download this Case Study to see how two chemical companies used CLX LaneLogix to research their on-time delivery data, gain a clearer understanding of their operations, and implement strategies to optimize their chemical supply chains and increase on-time deliveries.

Download this Case Study

CLX LaneLogix Enables Chemical Manufacturers to Deliver Greater Value to Their Customers

  • Increased Value of Transportation Spending
  • Reduced Costs and System Complexity
  • Actionable Supply Chain Visibility
  • Data-Driven Performance Optimizations
  • Enhanced Decision-Making with Less Risk

About CLX Logistics

CLX Logistics, LLC is a leading 4PL provider of comprehensive global chemical logistics management, technology, and supply chain consulting services. With offices in North America and Europe, CLX Logistics solves its customers’ most vital logistics challenges for all regions and modes by leveraging a broad range of industry expertise, best-of-breed technology, and a personalized, high-touch approach to deliver measurable, sustainable value.