Canadian Logistics: Port Issues & Labor Trends

Supply Chain 24/7 | Logistics Management Podcast | 7/27/23

The Impact of Canadian Port Labor Issues and Rate Environment for Chemical Shippers

Featuring Matt Caine

VP of Sales & Marketing, CLX Logistics

In this episode of the Logistics Management Podcast, Matt Caine of CLX Logistics shares insights on logistics and supply chain management. The discussion covers a range of topics, from the impact of labor disputes in Canada to the fluctuating ocean freight rates and the state of rail service.

Matt sheds light on how labor disputes in Canada have affected CLX’s operations and customers and led to a shift towards all-water routes to the East Coast, bypassing rail and mitigating the impact of the strikes. The conversation also touches on dropping freight rates, particularly on the ocean container side, and offers a look at CLX LaneLogix, an end-to-end chemical freight procurement solution for interactive rate benchmarking, procurement event strategy solutions, service-level benchmarking, e-bid technology, negotiations, and more to help shippers save millions annually. They also address peak seasons in the logistics industry, the state of North American rail service, and insights on how CLX has avoided many common industry issues.

To close things out, the group discusses the opening of CLX Logistics’ new Houston office, strategically located in the energy corridor to serve several large chemical companies. The Houston team, which includes an international sales manager and an international pricing expert, is equipped to support all of CLX’s services, from managed logistics to their TMS program. Click the link below to listen to the full episode, and contact CLX for comprehensive chemical logistics solutions.

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