What Are International Logistics Services?

There’s never been a time when companies have done as much international business as they do today, especially considering global operations were once exclusive to big corporations. Now, even small businesses can effectively expand their global reach and services with the right tools and logistics partners. Along with growing international opportunities, the processes companies use to achieve global growth are also increasing and expanding.

International logistics services are modern methods to take a business from a local fixture to global success. These services focus on the international supply chain and are integral to a company that wants to take its product global. Explore precisely what international logistics services are and their benefits below.

What is International Logistics?

Before breaking down the intricacies of international logistics services, it’s good to understand more about the operations these tools enable. International logistics sounds complicated, but when broken down into its base elements, international logistics is producing and managing products or processing orders and shipping outside the country where you create your product. When a company has a global customer base with headquarters in a single country or carries out some supply chain phases in multiple countries, this can be considered international logistics.

The Benefits of International Logistics Services

International logistics services are the platforms and tools shippers use to maintain global operations with the goal of shipping cargo between countries using various transportation methods without affecting the shipment moving between transports. The best international logistics partners have built strong global relationships with trusted freight providers to offer safety, speed, and dependability with their international logistics services.

There are numerous benefits to using these services. The most obvious is that you can effectively expand your local and international market opportunities. Shifting certain operations in the supply chain to another country can also offer lower costs, freeing up resources to focus on integral and impactful parts of your business. The proper international logistics solutions will also ensure your global effort doesn’t put your product integrity at risk, allowing you to expand your worldwide reputation and provide a more expansive product line to a broader customer base.

Examples of International Logistics Services

International logistics solutions provide different benefits and can help you meet certain customer expectations. Understanding these options and choosing the one best suited to your needs is vital to international success and the safe delivery of your products.

The following are various services commonly offered for international shipping:

Full Container Load

When you have many products to ship, they may take up all the space in a shipping container, known as a full container load (FCL). An FCL shipment can be a valuable service, providing convenience and better pricing when importing or exporting, regardless of whether shipments move from door to door or port to port.

Less than Container Load

When a product doesn’t require the entire shipping container space, it’s considered a less than container load (LCL). LCL shipping services allow cost-sharing with other manufacturers and businesses to use the remaining container space for international shipments. This sustainable compartmentalization saves money, time, and resources for all involved parties.

Bulk/Parcel Tanker

Bulk/Parcel Tanker services allow you to ship large and cumbersome products that would otherwise be difficult to transport, helping to choose the best mode of transportation and carrier. Ocean carriers, for example, can handle heavy weights and large objects efficiently while protecting freight from the elements during transport. Choosing the proper method of transportation for the size and demands of the product being shipped is vital.


When speed is vital to successful shipment or a top priority for a customer, air freight is the ideal international logistics service, utilizing cargo aircraft or even passenger planes. Specialized cargo handling, like temperature control, is also a viable option with this kind of shipment. While not every load is suitable for this mode of transportation, it’s typically the fastest shipping method when permissible.

Choosing an International Logistics Partner

When choosing international logistics services for your chemical logistics shipping, the tools and provider you select must meet your global shipping needs. The best partner can provide versatile possibilities while maintaining solid and reliable relationships with global transportation services.

CLX Logistics utilizes our worldwide fluency and international connections to ensure chemical shipments of any shape or size find a suitable carrier from our transportation partners without sacrificing sound shipping, cost efficiency, or timely delivery.

If you’d like to learn more about our international logistics services, check out our complete offerings on our website.

And feel free to contact our team to discuss your unique international chemical freight needs and specialized projects.

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