Upgrading a Chemical Supply Chain the Right Way

One of our clients, and its predecessors, has been producing titanium dioxide (TiO2 ) pigments since 1916. TiO2 , commonly referred to as titanium white, is an inorganic compound pigment used to manufacture hundreds of products, from paper to toothpaste, sunscreen to cosmetics, and most other everyday white-pigmented product. The TiO2 is manufactured in the southern US and shipped to customers in the northeast; transported by rail to transload locations and delivered directly to customers via tanker trucks

Client Challenges

Our clients’ main struggle was the lack of rail relationships and representation. Without proper representation, an established network of carriers, and experience negotiating with carriers, they couldn’t begin to address their other issues, including unclear rail volume forecasting, subpar routing analytics, routing and interchange optimizations, and Rule 11 implementation.

The CLX Logistics Solution

CLX Logistics got straight to work fostering two-way, open communication with weekly cadence calls to work through various challenges to implement clear, effective solutions.

  1. Identified savings with internal benchmarking and performance tools
  2. Established market position
  3. Led renewal and rate negotiations
  4. Secured multi-year agreements
  5. Analyzed modal conversion metrics
  6. Initiated special rail design and setup project
  7. Established routing options and rail mileage utilization
  8. Measured transit variability and carrier performance

Results to Date

Thanks to CLX Logistics, their client established strong relationships with Class-1 rail carriers and is on track to save approximately twelve percent of their baseline spend. Together, CLX helped optimize their routing and sourcing locations to reduce rail transportation spend and complexity and leveraged highly accurate shipping forecasts to secure multi-year carrier agreements. Leveraging CLX’s rail operations experience, this company continues to identify areas of opportunity for continuous improvement and has the expertise, tools, and technologies at its disposal to succeed.

Download this case study to learn how CLX Logistics deployed advanced benchmarking and performance tools to secure multi-year carrier agreements and reduce their baseline cost savings by twelve percent.

About CLX Logistics, LLC

CLX Logistics is the world leader in chemical supply chain solutions. A seasoned provider of global transportation management, technology, and supply chain consulting services, CLX Logistics delivers economic value to your entire supply chain and accelerates success for both you and your customers.

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