Three Key Elements of a Successful Managed Logistics Program

Managed transportation providers offer comprehensive logistics and supply chain expertise to all types of industries. Managed logistics solutions support businesses with a range of transportation solutions spanning shipping data analytics, tactics, planning, mode optimization, vendor consolidation, and more. These efforts ultimately focus on driving new efficiencies that reduce costs, improve delivery times, and enhance visibility over the entirety of a transportation network.

Depending on the needs of any given industry, there will be various nuances, exceptions, and challenges to contend with. Still, there are several components of every managed transportation program that must be considered in order to achieve your goals.

Let’s look at three key elements of a successful managed logistics program.

  1. Choosing the Right Supply Chain Services

The managed logistics providers with the most robust levels of flexibility often find the most success. That high level of flexibility comes from advanced knowledge and expertise in a wide range of supply chain solutions, including:

  • Mode management
  • Logistics technology
  • Capacity management
  • Digital freight brokerage
  • Project logistics
  • Visibility
  • Analytics and optimization
  • Continuous improvement programs
  • Industry specialization

Different managed logistics services are applicable at different stages of any managed transportation operation. Whether you’re considering a fully integrated solution covering a wide range of services like data collection, strategic development, procurement, TMS technology, and operational reviews, or only a single service, you should be confident your managed logistics partner has the experience and resources to help keep you and your customers happy.

  1. Implementing the Right Technology

Technology innovations continuously make waves across industries, and managed logistics is no different. With hefty data processing, storage, and analytics demands, managed logistics is at the forefront of some of the most advanced technologies, including AI, machine learning, and automation. As these capabilities become more accessible, their intelligent application helps shippers get ahead and maintain an edge, even in the most competitive industries and tightest timelines, with:

  • Improved forecasting of orders, inventories, workforces, warehousing, and partner activities
  • Improved real-time network visibility, with greater accuracy and feedback
  • Improved agility to make on-the-fly supply chain adjustments
  • Improved collaboration between individuals, departments, and partners

Full-service managed logistics providers bring a full range of technology solutions to the table, including Transportation Management Systems like CLX TMS that help you achieve these goals without making huge investments into hardware and software solutions.

  1. Determining Your Transportation Efficiency Goals

Do you need an immediate quick fix, or are you more interested in long-term improvements and operational efficiencies? Managed logistics programs can help with both, but the most significant value always comes from ongoing, long-term efforts. Many shippers seek managed logistics solutions to handle:

  • Purchasing and maintaining equipment
  • Hiring additional employees
  • Hardware, software, and technology infrastructure upgrades

These services enable organizations to keep costs down and scale as needed without worrying about overinvesting in additional labor, equipment, or technologies. Efficient supply chains have balanced expenses and limited time constraints to ensure safe, on-time deliveries and optimal customer experiences. Managed logistics providers can examine your supply chain from beginning to end to uncover opportunities and help strengthen those key areas. Any chance to improve can significantly impact costs and customer service, whether that means a complete supply chain redesign to overhaul outdated existing operations or minor adjustments like setting up a new warehouse location.

Getting Started with Bespoke Managed Logistics Solutions

First and foremost, an experienced managed logistics provider needs to have operations in place to help you with each of the three elements above. But there are other factors to consider, like their experience in your specific industry, their reputation with other vendors, and how they treat their customers.

No matter the logistics challenges you face, CLX Logistics can help. CLX Managed Transportation is a robust suite of a la carte managed logistics solutions that chemical shippers rely on every day for everything from on-demand adjustments to long-term operational efficiencies. With a comprehensive selection of freight management solutions, CLX Managed Transportation helps offers chemical manufacturers the logistics solutions they need to lower costs, improve service, and fill gaps in expertise with a proven team of chemical transportation specialists. Contact us today to discuss your managed logistics and chemical supply chain needs.

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