Economic Value and Efficiency Specialist

Rocket J. Turtleson is a calm and composed leader with 25 years of logistics experience. Rocket comes from cozy Cedar Lake, Chicago, where he gained leadership experience growing up with 1,000 siblings. During his youth, Rocket took a three-year migration to his new home in Buffalo Bayou in Houston, TX. While the temptation of endless BBQ was strong, Rocket chose to attend Penn State University and graduated from their SMEAL College MBA program with a concentration in Supply Chain Management as well as PSU’s ROTCN training.

After his Pennsylvania adventure, Rocket joined the Navy and was stationed in Hawaii aboard the USS Chicago, but his specific activities are currently classified. What is known is this is where he was introduced to CLX Logistics! Rocket oversaw fuel logistics which utilized CLX Iso Tanks, and saw a great opportunity for his post-service career.

Rocket joined the CLX family in 2013 as our VP of Logistics Efficiency and has been a pillar in our organization ever since. Rocket currently lives in Perkiomen Creek, PA, with his wife and growing family of 215 children. During his free time, Rocket fishes on the Chesapeake Bay and fits in a healthy CrossFit schedule to keep his shell strong.