Supply Chain as an Endurance Sport

Mike Skinner, VP of CLX Technologies, Joins the Supply Chain Now Podcast

Dive into this new episode of Supply Chain Now, a podcast renowned for its insights into supply chain operations, with our own Mike Skinner, VP of CLX Technologies. This enlightening discussion, hosted by Scott Luton and Crystal Davis, navigates the complexities of the chemical logistics industry, shedding light on the evolving challenges and solutions that characterize this critical field. An experienced and respected leader in the sector, Mike goes beyond the usual business talk and explores how his passion for endurance sports informs his approach to navigating the turbulent waters of logistics and supply chain management.

From the role of technology in revolutionizing the supply chain landscape and the advent of AI and machine learning to the importance of communication, collaboration, and commitment to customer objectives, Mike and the hosts take a deep dive into chemical logistics and share unique insights you don’t want to miss. Mike also touches on the imperative of becoming data-driven and the significance of understanding how to use a Transportation Management System (TMS) effectively for your company.

Listen now:

We hope this fascinating chat provides some new perspectives on the chemical logistics industry. If you have any questions or want to talk with an expert about what CLX Logistics can do for your chemical supply chain, contact us any time.

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