Optimizing Rail Freight with Rail Management Services

In the realm of rail freight transportation, businesses often encounter a myriad of challenges when dealing with railroads. From poor customer service to compliance and maintenance issues, navigating the complex rail landscape can be daunting. However, a solution to these frustrations exists with the expertise of an experienced rail service management partner. Understanding how a provider can alleviate and eliminate rail transportation issues is vital for ensuring efficient rail freight operations, cost-saving opportunities, and relieving your business from avoidable stressors, hiccups, and pitfalls.

By comprehensively analyzing your rail network, we aim to showcase the industry-leading processes, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction that you should expect from such providers. By highlighting viable alternatives to subpar rail service, we’ll empower shippers with the knowledge and assurance that superior options are available to meet your rail transportation needs.


What is a Rail Management Service?

Rail service is transporting goods and materials by rail, utilizing an extensive network of rail lines, terminals, and infrastructure. It’s well-suited for the efficient movement of large volumes of freight and provides a cost-effective solution for businesses dealing with substantial quantities of goods, such as bulk liquids or heavy products.


The Current Status of the Rail Freight Industry

Considering recent incidents, rail safety has become a significant focus and objective internally and through regulatory agencies, such as the seven key safety measures enacted in March of 2023 by railroad industry leaders. This regulation change is in addition to legislation being pushed through Congress for railroads to operate more responsibly and sustainably. Maintaining a fleet that complies with safety regulations is paramount for ensuring successful operations.

However, rail transportation remains one of the safest freight transport methods. In fact, the time between 2010 to 2020 proved to be the safest decade ever for United States railroads, and the industry is projected to grow by 50% over the next 30 years. Therefore, the need for maintenance, compliance, and increased vigilance over rail safety will grow proportionally.

Rail fleet maintenance and compliance are even more critical for companies shipping hazardous materials, where adherence to stringent safety protocols is a top priority. Despite fluctuations in intermodal rail volumes, chemical rail shipments have remained relatively steady over the past few years and will continue this trend in the foreseeable future.

By leveraging the expertise of a rail management provider, shippers can take advantage of the current market no matter how it may ebb and flow while remaining compliant, safe, and successful.


Why Rail Freight Operations are Successful

The key to success and safety in rail freight lies in effectively documenting, tracking, managing, and maintaining equipment and assets. CLX Logistics, for example, possesses a deep understanding of regulatory requirements and railroad operations. This knowledge allows us to ensure that customers’ existing fleets remain up to date with inspections and comply with evolving regulations. By taking a proactive approach to fleet management, CLX minimizes disruptions and helps its customers achieve long-term success on the rails.


Common Rail Management Service Challenges

Customers utilizing rail freight services often encounter time-consuming and costly hold-ups such as compliance issues like unapproved railcars, railroad and railyard miscommunications that cause shipping to stall, and the need for rail car repairs and servicing preventing shipping from beginning entirely.

As organizations primarily focused on moving large quantities of products, railroads may not prioritize customer service as efficiently as some would prefer or need. Also, your company may not be aware of evolving industry changes or requirements or even possess the ability or human resources to mediate these issues effectively or as quickly as needed. A rail management partner will be an extension to your team to remove these burdens from your workload and clear any roadblocks on your behalf, getting your freight moving as quickly as possible without interrupting your other vital operations.


Why Choose Rail Management Service?

CLX Logistics’ rail management services set it apart from traditional providers by offering more than just the transportation and tracking of goods from point A to point B. Led by seasoned experts with extensive railroad experience, CLX understands the industry’s intricacies. We can bypass the red tape commonly associated with railroad operations by leveraging our insider knowledge. Instead of relying on customer service representatives, CLX connects directly with the individuals who can get things done—train masters, yardmasters, and other key personnel. This streamlined approach ensures quicker issue resolution, enhanced troubleshooting, superior rate negotiations, and improved customer satisfaction.

We remain closely connected to the regulatory environment, ensuring we’re current with any changes and that each customer rail car is tracked, documented, and monitored for upcoming servicing needs. By promptly communicating modifications to customers, CLX assists in navigating the evolving regulatory landscape. Whether it’s coordinating repairs for outdated braking systems or facilitating transport to the nearest repair facility, we help clients maintain compliance and peace of mind.


Rail Shippers Who Receive Rail Service Management from CLX Logistics Receive:

Tailored Solutions and Rail Rate Negotiation

CLX Logistics provides individually tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of both large and small shippers in rail freight transportation.

With a specialty in rate negotiation, CLX ensures that businesses receive competitive pricing and cost-effective transportation solutions for every shipment.

Rail Freight Tracking and Visibility

CLX Logistics offers comprehensive freight tracking and visibility tools, allowing shippers to monitor the status and location of shipments throughout the transportation process.

By leveraging advanced technology and systems, CLX enhances transparency and enables real-time updates for improved logistics management.

Unmatched Railroad and Railyard Connections

CLX Logistics has long-established and valuable relationships with rail service operators, providing shippers unparalleled access to a vast network of railroads and railyards.

These connections enable CLX to navigate the complexities of rail operations and ensure smoother and more efficient transportation for clients.

Route Optimization and Network Studies

Leveraging its industry expertise, CLX Logistics conducts network studies to identify the most efficient routes for transporting freight.

By optimizing shipping routes, CLX minimizes transit times, reduces costs, and enhances your overall supply chain efficiency.

Improved Benchmarking, Procurement, and Bidding

CLX Logistics leverages our deep knowledge of the rail freight industry to optimize benchmarking, procurement, and bidding processes.

By analyzing market trends, negotiating favorable rates, and conducting efficient procurement practices, CLX helps businesses achieve cost savings and maximize operational efficiency.

This repertoire of capabilities prevents minor problems from escalating into more significant, expensive disruptions. It ensures smooth, effortless operations for our customers— translating into significant cost savings and enhanced rail freight transportation efficiency.


CLX Logistics is Here to Help

CLX Logistics stands out as an industry leader in rail management services. Armed with decades of experience and a deep understanding of railroads, regulations, and operational challenges, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to streamline operations, ensure compliance, and generate cost savings. By leveraging our insider knowledge, strategic partnerships, industry-leading technology, and customer-centric approach, we’re a trusted partner for businesses seeking reliable and efficient rail management services to mitigate and remove problems many have become accustomed to and ensure satisfaction for our customers.

Ready to apply our rail management expertise to your business operations? Contact a CLX representative today and discover how we can leverage our services to improve your rail freight operations immediately.

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