Optimizing Chemical Transportation Logistics

Our client (the Company), is an industry-leading, vertically integrated producer of titanium dioxide and inorganic chemicals, with nearly 7,000 employees on six continents. The Company mines and processes titanium ore, zircon, and other materials to create specialty-grade pigments commonly used in coatings and plastics. The Company’s chemical pigment products are manufactured in Mississippi and shipped to customers in the northeast for their own manufacturing needs. The chemicals are transported by rail to transload locations and then delivered directly to customers via tanker trucks.

The Client Challenges

Cohesive Transportation Optimization

The Company sought to optimize deliveries from its transload locations to customers in PA, NJ, NY, and MD. The Company wished to identify areas of opportunity, simplify processes, and reduce operational costs among the many smaller deliveries leaving the transload locations.

The CLX Logistics Solution

CLX Logistics immediately began work assisting with booking, scheduling, and managing bulk tanker transportation operations for the Company’s numerous short hauls in the northeast. CLX Logistics received updated delivery schedules each week from the Company based on their customers’ needs, handled requests and changes, and assisted with any challenges.

  1. Booked Loading Appointments
  2. Designated Individual Loading Sites
  3. Booked Trucking Carriers for Each Shipment
  4. Provided Prompt, 24/7 Customer Support

Results to Date

CLX Logistics provided comprehensive analysis, management, and optimization with an average weekly volume of 6 to 9 shipments for approximately six months and continues to provide ongoing services at a reduced volume. Within just six months, CLX Logistics assisted the Company with the complete optimization and successful delivery of 170 shipments to their customers throughout the northeast

About CLX Logistics, LLC

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