New Case Study: Journey Towards Continuous Improvement

Logistics, transportation, and supply chain management plans and strategies can always be updated to suit the ever-changing needs of your organization, your partners, and your suppliers. CLX Logistics was selected by a global chemical Company to implement continuous transportation improvement projects domestically and internationally.

Our Case Study: Journey Towards Continuous Improvement takes a closer look at how our analysts use best practice experience in analytics and continuous improvement to drive real change in logistics performance with our client.

The Challenge

The Company, like many of our clients, competes globally in both commodity and specialty goods markets. Their ongoing challenge is to create an efficient and differentiated transportation solution that supports their supply chain strategy in both markets.

The journey to addressing this challenge involves integrating solutions for both internal and external influencers on performance and spend.  CLX Analysts working with the client to identified and summarized the most significant influencers.

The Global Political Environment

From quickly changing trade policies to foreign conflicts to taxes and regulations between nations and across borders, the client needs to stay several steps ahead to optimize trade routes and remain competitive on a worldwide scale. In the event of an unforeseen circumstance, such as a geological event or industrial disaster, they need the flexibility in their transportation solution to adapt on the fly and keep shipments moving.

Investment in Working Capital Inventory

Determining the right investment in inventory is an ongoing challenge for the client.  A thorough understanding of supply chain design and the impact it has on a company’s investment in inventory is crucial to being profitable in commodity markets.   The client recognized the need to partner with an organization with the technical and practical experience in the chemical industry to help them drive toward the right amount of inventory in the right location at the right time.

Maintaining Strategic Differentiators

One of our priorities in designing a custom transportation and supply chain solution is to stay aligned with the client’s differentiated business processes.  We use our extensive experience and dynamic modeling tactics to provide opportunities to make those differentiators even more of a competitive advantage in various markets throughout the world.

Solution Design

With one of the largest transportation databases in the industry, we’re continuously working with the Company to enhance transparency in their transportation network and offer greater visibility to their global supply chain. We set new performance targets for the company that optimize spending efficiency, and integrate all of our research into interactive dashboards that can be monitored and adjusted 24/7.

With in-depth supply chain analysis, planning, and optimization, CLX Logistics provided:

  • Consolidated shipments on current routes that reduce transportation costs, complexity, and carbon footprint for both the Company and all involved carriers
  • Improved shipment consolidation programs for newly implemented shipping sites, and extended cutoff times to handle unpredictable and high order frequency patterns
  • Detailed dock schedule implementation improves both scheduling and loading efficiencies and reduces carrier detention charges
  • Improved payloads to reduce shipping weights, costs, and CO2 emissions-per-pound

Get the Full Picture

Read the Case Study: Journey Towards Continuous Improvement to go further in-depth with each of the challenges our client, and many other companies with similar needs face with their logistics, transportation, and supply chain operations around the world. Explore how we not only solve these challenges but pave the way for future enhancements that maximize efficiency and spending while reducing the overall carbon footprint.

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