Intermodal Logistics in Extreme Weather & Environments

Winter weather can make even the most menial tasks more challenging. In northern Canada, the Arctic wind, ice, and snow are especially severe, leading to snowballing complications across every aspect of supply chain logistics. From manufacturer to end-user and everyone in between, each component of the supply chain is impacted. To succeed, shippers need expert planning and management that maximizes resources to continuously optimize and develop valuable supply chain solutions.

Facing Challenges of Harsh Winters

A Fortune 500 chemical manufacturer and world-leading distributor of chemical products supplies customers worldwide from various industries. One such customer, an oil and gas company in northern Canada, required a constant flow of chemical products. Optimizing chemical logistics  and deliveries in extreme environments would be a serious challenge when the winter weather sets in. Extreme cold and lack of traditional infrastructure led the chemical manufacturer to explore forward chemical storage solutions, but the complications of developing a fast, cost-effective network were too far outside their expertise. So, they sought out CLX Logistics for help.

Forging a Better Path Through the Ice

The first step was to implement a detailed planning process, including regular meetings between CLX’s experts and the chemical manufacturer’s logistics management team. The operation would revolve around an intermodal transportation strategy. The chemicals would be transported through BulkTainer® intermodal transportation services in BulkTainer™ ISO tanks by rail for the majority of the journey and delivered by tractor to a forward storage depot to be held until needed. When the end-users required a resupply, the chemical products would be heated and transferred to local tank trucks for final-mile delivery.

BulkTainer™ ISO tanks are designed for highly efficient and globally compliant liquid chemical transportation, making them ideal for this project. ChemLogix’s BulkTainer® intermodal transportation services transport BulkTainer™ ISO tanks by both rail and truck and provide an economical storage option making forward staging of chemicals easy and cost-effective. Collaborating directly with the shipper, consignee, and vendors, CLX and ChemLogix implemented a proven process using BulkTainer® intermodal transportation services, ensuring the safe transfer of the chemical product between manufacturer, storage facilities, and end-users.

Breaking Down Intermodal Transportation

Intermodal transportation is a modern, flexible, consistent, and sustainable method of product transportation that uses two or more modes or carriers to transport freight from shipper to consignee. In the case of the chemical manufacturer and their end-users in this story, intermodal transportation offered several benefits:

  • Significant savings on freight costs compared to tank trailers
  • Significant savings on storage costs compared to tank trailers
  • Alleviation of all driver capacity concerns
  • A reduction in overall operational carbon footprint
  • Convenient order management through a single point of contact

CLX Intermodal Transportation services are supported by comprehensive tracking and monitoring systems from the manufacturing plant to the final consignee, all detailed on a single bill of lading. With CLX, the right strategy, experience, and specialized equipment all come together to provide safe and efficient transport of bulk liquid chemicals anywhere in the world.

Want to learn more about how CLX Intermodal Transportation can help chemical manufacturers implement and streamline operations in even the most challenging environments? Download our Case Study: Optimizing Chemical Logistics in Extreme Environments today.

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