How to Ensure Your Global Supply Chain Is Completely Optimized

by Neal Rothchild, International Sales Manager

A global supply chain is the process that facilitates the flow of raw materials and finished goods from one point on the map to another. This includes supplier product of inventory planning, availability, transportation, and total spend.  Sounds straightforward, but it’s not always simple.

Foreign governments, regulatory agencies, and world events greatly influence the flow of the global supply chain.  Supply and demand also plays a pivotal role.  Most recently, tariffs, trade agreements and now pandemics, are dominating the world of global trade.

These factors, as we are now seeing in real-time, are having consequence in supply chain performance. Fortunately, professional global supply chain management specialists are available to help supply chains of any scope and size overcome these challenges.

In this article, we’re looking at the benefits of working with a dedicated global supply chain management specialist for your international logistics and transportation needs.

What Is Global Supply Chain Management?

Global supply chain management is the act of planning and optimizing on how planners and analyst manage the most effective and economic means of inventory and distribution, on a global scale in order to account for the optimal moving of goods around the world Sometimes that means planning a single shipment, but most of the time it means modeling specific transportation routes that best serve in meeting the fulfillment objectives. Whether for planning on raw materials for production, finished product for inventory, or critical shipments, the planning process must undertake this critical step for effective planning and reduced cost. The optimization of global supply chain performance isn’t a one-and-done task to be completed in a day. It’s an ongoing and time-consuming process of monitoring and streamlining routes over time.

How Do Global Supply Chain Managers Improve Performance and Reduce Costs?

Global supply chain specialists at CLX Logistics for example, use detailed modeling strategies and a wealth of industry experience to continuously optimize the supply chain performance of international and domestic transportation. As market conditions evolve, they must identify gaps, bottlenecks, and other challenges and find solutions that ensure shipments arrive quickly, safely, and cost-effectively.

The key to a successful global supply chain is to capture as much of an upstream view as possible. The further your global supply chain manager can plan ahead and forecast future events, the more efficient and effective your supply chain will be, and the more money and resources you’ll save in the process.

How Do Strategists Overcome Global Supply Chain Issues?

It’s impossible to predict every event that can impact a global supply chain, but experienced specialists have methods for identifying, predicting, and mitigating unforeseen challenges, such as:

  • Governmental and political issues
  • Seasonal changes
  • Health concerns
  • Demand fluctuations
  • Market shortages

Many types of shipments, such as chemical and medical, can be strictly time-sensitive, so getting stuck on a boat in the ocean for months because of a customs or regulatory issue would be highly unacceptable.

Understanding the dynamics of international shipping and knowing what’s predictable, along with a broad base of providers and carriers, allows specialists to adjust supply chains at a moment’s notice. If an unforeseen event causes a carrier to default on a service, a trusted secondary or tertiary carrier can be brought in immediately.

Is it Difficult to Set Up New Supply Chains in New Markets?

As a company grows, so does its supply chain management needs, and experience in global trade is vital to making a smooth transition into new markets and regions. It’s important that your specialist has access to detailed studies that help them understand import and export requirements and procedures around the world, to ease your transition.

One of CLX Logistics’ clients recently needed to set up a global supply chain to ship sensitive, refrigerated chemical products from the US to the Indian subcontinent. Due to the effects of COVID-19, there are shortages of critical resources around the world, but by coordinating with regional team members overseas from our control center in Bluebell, PA, CLX Logistics developed a comprehensive plan, ensured that cargo temperature controls were precisely maintained throughout the journey, and confirmed that the shipment made it to its destination safely and on schedule.

Your Trusted Partner in Global Supply Chain Management

The best technology and experience in the world can take you pretty far, but it takes trust to develop effective transportation solutions. Make CLX Logistics your trusted partner for global supply chain management.

Contact us for more information and discuss your global supply chain management needs.

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