Get More From Your Chemical Logistics Program

With more challenges, regulations, and options than ever before, chemical manufacturers struggle to maintain their global chemical logistics operations at maximum efficiency without increasing costs. Suppose you need to transport your products by rail across the country, where they’re then dispersed to a variety of different customers in different states throughout the region. How do you keep track of appointments, carriers, and loading sites for all of your shipments and ensure each customer is taken care of?

Most companies that specialize in chemical manufacturing don’t have decades of experience in developing chemical transportation and supply chain strategies. So finding the right partner is critical to ensuring smooth operations and avoiding rising costs.

In our case study, Optimizing Chemical Transportation Logistics, we look at the goals of an industry-leading chemical producer and explore the steps CLX Logistics took to help achieve them.

Identify Potential Areas of Improvement

Once a chemical provider reaches a certain size, they’ll start to face challenges in their supply chain. Processes become overly complex, and costs can swell among all of the deliveries that leave your transload stations.

Our chemical manufacturing client (the Company) had two core goals:

  1. Simplify processes
  2. Reduce operational costs

The Company partnered with CLX Logistics to identify specific areas of opportunity within their supply chain to make shipping easier for themselves, their carriers, and their customers, and reduce costs through efficiency and intelligent optimizations.

Implement Forward-Thinking Strategies Into Your Supply Chain

We wanted to deliver improvements to the Company’s operation as quickly as possible. By leveraging our extensive chemical logistics supply chain experience, modern data analytics strategies, and practical, working knowledge of the industry, the Company and its customers experienced a difference right away.

The key to exceeding expectations is clear communication. With weekly delivery schedule updates, we made seamless adjustments to accommodate the needs of the Company and their own customers, handle special requests, and assist with any unforeseen challenges. A few of the critical areas of support we provided include:

  • Appointment booking
  • Carrier booking
  • Loading site designation

With open lines of communication between all parties, schedules can be kept, and partnerships become stronger and more efficient.

Chemical logistics is a 24/7 operation, so service wouldn’t be complete without prompt, 24/7 customer support. No matter when a need arises, your chemical logistics specialist has to be prepared to act quickly and effectively to maintain schedules and costs, and stay ahead of unforeseen snags before they can cause problems.

Make Smart Optimizations to Your Chemical Logistics Operation

Over the first 6 months of the partnership between the Company and CLX Logistics, they optimized and successfully completed 170 shipments to customers throughout the Northeastern US. Download our case study, Optimizing Chemical Transportation Logistics to learn more about how CLX Logistics helped the Company, and how we can do the same for your company through global transportation management, modern technology, and comprehensive supply chain consulting services.

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