CLX Logistics was hired to identify synergies and make improvements in the supply chain processes and expenditures. In order to safeguard ownership and implementation, the project was performed in close cooperation with company experts.


A pan–European scan was performed for six different sites. CLX Logistics mapped and assessed the local supply chain processes, diagnosed local areas of improvement and identified cross-company synergies. Also, the fit with the “to-be” situation as set by local management was linked with the long-term strategic direction of Wessanen management. Finally, the quantitative information (inbound as well as outbound) was methodically analyzed and quick gains were identified.


The Scan & Diagnose led to substantial savings, a clear insight in the as-is situation for the different sites, plus a supply chain roadmap describing the necessary improvements to reach the optimal to-be situation. In addition to these quick gains, the project led to a cross-company tender with a clear strategic procurement cycle.