Pilot Chemical Company

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pilot-chemicalFor more than 50 years, Pilot Chemical Company’s tailored solutions have spanned the globe—and continue reflecting the organization’s commitment to unique chemical processes and efficient manufacturing. Pilot’s industry insight allows it to create surfactants designed to maximize its customers’ opportunities in new product development.

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Pilot maintains strategically located facilities, provides customized manufacturing solutions, and has an expert team of technical specialists to ensure rapid access to knowledgeable and reliable assistance at all stages of production. What’s more, the company has a well-established distributor network and has built a record of consistent, on-time delivery.


When Pilot Chemicals engaged CLX Logistics for Managed Services in 2005, it also tapped into the company’s Freight Audit & Payment Services to drive the visibility and accuracy of freight payments. Greater visibility and accuracy—as well as enhanced automation—were pivotal in supporting the integration of two acquisitions into the
Pilot Chemical family.


Today, Pilot Chemical Company counts on CLX Logistics’ Freight Audit & Payment Services enterprise wide. And, it continues to enjoy these results:

  • Ease of integration of new companies into the established freight payment process.
  • More accurate carrier invoicing thanks to prompt error identification and resolution.
  • Real-time visibility to exception invoices that require review and approval or denial by Pilot Chemical personnel.