Bacardi and CLX Logistics teamed up in a joint effort to align and improve the local logistics processes in the different European markets. To enable local managers to evaluate and improve their warehousing and transport processes, Bacardi and CLX Logistics collaboratively developed a Supply Chain Maturity Model.


The project team consisted of both local and European level Bacardi representatives and CLX Logistics consultants. The maturity model was created via a collaborative approach consisting of workshops, desk research, best practice experiences and site visits to the different local markets. The desired maturity level within Bacardi was agreed upon during this process, taking into account industry specifics and cost considerations.


The project resulted in an easy-to-use maturity model that local managers regularly use to evaluate their logistics processes. The results of this self-assessment serve as input for business review meetings with service providers and help identify key improvement areas. In addition, the use of this generic model enables cross-country comparisons and stimulates internal discussions and learning from best practices.