Whitepaper: Overcoming the Challenges of Divestitures

Download this Whitepaper to understand how chemical manufacturers can overcome the challenges of divestitures in supply chain performance with support from an experienced fourth-party logistics provider (4PL). Partnering with the right 4PL helps maintain continuity and supply chain performance, ensuring transitional success.

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An experienced global chemical logistics provider’s most valuable asset is a keen awareness of the service requirements needed across the entire supply chain. This industry intelligence ensures a divested company has accounted for all workforce needs before, during, and after the transition. Combined with the ability to quickly and effectively fill gaps, professional guidance from a 4PL is critical throughout the process to maintain a seamless and high-performing operation.

Read our Whitepaper to see how CLX Logistics can guide your company through a successful divestiture rollout while improving efficiency and performance and reducing costs.

  • How Divesting Today Drives Strategic Growth Tomorrow
  • The Challenges Divestitures Pose to Chemical Supply Chain Performance
  • The Role of 3PLs and 4PLs in Capturing Full Divestiture Value
  • Our Complete Guide to a Successful Divestiture Rollout