CASE STUDY: Upgrading Tank Truck Lanes to CLX Intermodal Transportation Solutions

Download this Case Study to learn how this Fortune 10 multinational oil and gas provider improved trucking lane efficiency in the US Gulf Coast region through our intermodal transportation solutions.

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When this oil and gas provider experienced increased shipping volumes that showed no signs of slowing, the Company had maxed out its trucking capacity. CLX Logistics analyzed their shipping lanes to help scale capacity and save costs through intermodal transportation solutions.

Read the Case Study to learn how our solutions saved this Company 20% to 30% on each lane as compared to their old tanker truck services, and provided other benefits including:

  • Increased shipment efficiency, capacity, and costs
  • Met the oil and gas industry’s compliance standards
  • Provided support for a smooth and effective transition
  • Maximized ISO tank capacity and improved lanes