Freight Brokerage Solutions When You Need a Carrier Now

Freight brokers are the unseen heroes of the transportation and logistics world. They’re the middleman between shippers and carriers and ensure shipment processes go smoothly. Freight brokerage services include a wide range of features and benefits that shippers wouldn’t otherwise have access to, chiefly an expansive network of trusted and dependable freight carriers.

Shippers frequently underestimate the value of freight brokers, but time and again, freight brokers prove their worth by saving shippers substantial time and money. Freight brokers use their carrier connections to negotiate low transportation rates and handle your freight safely between shippers and carriers. And critically, when challenges arise and you need a carrier immediately, freight brokers have various solutions available to ensure your freight gets to its destination intact as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Let’s look at the solutions freight brokers can offer when you need a carrier now.

Last-Minute Shipments

When a carrier backs out of a contract at the last minute, freight brokers can access a broader range of carriers to execute fast, last-minute shipments. With access to real-time trucking and capacity data and a global network of carriers, freight brokers are indispensable in ensuring those urgent last-minute shipments make it to their destination on time. Freight brokers thoroughly vet all their carriers by reviewing safety ratings, HAZMAT certifications, and insurance coverage. They also accommodate special modes like dry van, refrigerated, and temperature-controlled solutions, all on short notice.

Specialized Transportation Expertise

Different types of freight must follow different rules and regulations surrounding packaging, modes of transport, border crossings, and more. For example, when shipping something like bulk liquid chemical, it’s essential to work with a freight broker who knows the industry inside and out to achieve the best prices and prompt, professional service. When choosing a freight broker for their specialization and expertise, look for one that industry manufacturers and shippers trust and has a history of excellence among their clients. They also need robust technologies to manage issues, communicate with parties seamlessly, and facilitate timely in-transit tracking, reporting, updates, and confirmations. The right freight brokerage experience mixed with the right technologies for specialized industries are key to ensuring fast, on-time delivery of your goods.

Save Time in the Face of Transportation Challenges

From global pandemics to clogged canals to geopolitical conflicts, you never know what kinds of supply chain challenges, slowdowns, and delays will arrive, when they’ll show up, or how long they’ll last. Amid all these issues, when you need a product shipped ASAP, freight brokers can help filter through the noise to find new options. Using their connections with a wide range of trustworthy and experienced carriers, freight brokers take all the work out of finding and organizing a transportation network so you can stay on track and focus on more crucial elements of your business.

Getting Started with the Right Freight Broker

There are a lot of freight brokers to choose from, but few have the complete mix of experience, expertise, technology, and specialization as CLX Logistics. Our award-winning freight brokerage team connects carriers with available capacity to clients who need to support shipments now. We provide vital freight brokerage services for businesses of all sizes across the US in a wide range of industries with unmatched specialization in chemical transportation solutions.

Need to get started with freight brokerage services? We’re ready to help. Contact CLX Logistics today.

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