Exploring the Intricacies of Logistics in International Trade

As the world becomes more interconnected than ever, companies will need to adopt effective international logistics and supply chain strategies. But shipping internationally is an entirely different beast compared to domestic shipping. International logistics services involve shipping cargo through a variety of mediums between countries without the cargo being directly affected at any point in its journey. CLX Logistics has forged solid partnerships around the globe to offer unprecedented safety, speed, and dependability for our planning and logistics solutions for international trade.

In this blog, we’re taking a closer look at the key elements of logistics in international trade and supply chain management.

International Trade & Supply Chain Management

International supply chain management and consulting covers a wide range of topics, but the three main areas of focus in an effective international supply chain are:

  • Strategic design
  • Tactical optimization
  • Operational support.

Strategic design involves optimizing your supply chain to achieve the greatest balance possible of service, efficiency, flexibility, transparency, and sustainability. Part of strategic design includes implementing custom sourcing strategies that suit your operational needs and corporate goals. Modern strategic design should have a focus on green logistics.

Tactical optimization is the problem-solving and analysis portion of the process. It allows your 3PL to increase your process efficiency and quality of service while eliminating superfluous activities to reduce costs. Benchmarking is another optimization tactic that offers valuable insight into your market position versus your competitors, both in international markets and trade lanes. Tactical optimization also includes outsourcing and tendering, which when done properly, can offer significant cost savings and superior delivery performance.

Finally, we come to operational support, where cost and performance management takes place. Many top 3PL providers come equipped with an in-house performance dashboard to gain valuable insight into costs for each element of your supply chain on the product and customer levels. Logistical analysts can monitor and diagnose qualitative and quantitative areas of improvement and provide a roadmap for implementing changes. Operational support also includes training your teams for all eventualities and providing interim support when you’re facing unmanageable workloads or a management shortage.

How CLX Logistics’ International Logistics Services Improves Your Supply Chain Management

When comparing domestic and international shipping, the main difference comes from the extensive range of laws and regulations that come into play with international shipping. All around the world, various governments and regulatory bodies have differing requirements regarding shipments coming into and leaving their countries. Our international logistics experts take every aspect of your needs into account and provide solutions that increase the value of your service.

When shipments need to pass through multiple borders on the way to their destinations, we ensure they comply with the rules and regulations of each country. Careful planning helps keep shipments moving without delays and unnecessary costs.

In gaining a complete understanding of your international shipping and logistics needs, we add further value by streamlining and optimizing the entire process both at the initial planning stages and for as long as a shipping lane is active. Our international logistics and supply chain management services are fully customized to the unique needs of each client. Whether it’s a one-time contract or setting up a long-term international shipping lane, we understand and comply with the rules and regulations set forth by countries around the world.

A Note About International Chemical and Hazardous Materials Shipments

Extensive experience with chemical and hazardous materials shipments is vital to understanding and executing the international shipping needs of many businesses around the world. At CLX Logistics, we ensure your chemical and HAZMAT shipments are in accordance with all regulatory (DOT, IMDG, IATA) requirements throughout the global transport.

Is Your International Shipping and Logistics Process Fully Optimized?

At CLX Logistics, we’re always happy to walk you through the process, develop a customized plan, and carry out your international shipping needs. Whether it’s import and export product classification or verifying your potential use of free trade agreements, it’s vital that your shipping company stays up to date on global shipping regulations.

To learn more about optimizing your international supply chain and logistics strategies, check out our webinar videos discussing next-generation supply chain solutions that drive continuous improvement, optimize spend, and reduce the risks to your business.

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