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Unlock Your Chemical Freight Potential with Unmatched Managed Transportation Services from the Experts at CLX Logistics

As chemical shippers face demands for ever-shorter cycle times, heightened customer service needs, and rising operational costs, the need for a fast and effective solution has never been greater. CLX Managed Transportation is a robust suite of a la carte logistics services chemical shippers can customize and adjust according to their requirements.

CLX Logistics® is unique in that our comprehensive selection of freight management solutions is among our core competencies. With CLX Managed Transportation, chemical manufacturers lower costs, improve service, and fill gaps in expertise with a proven team specializing in the chemical industry and our industry-leading tools like the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™- ranked transportation management system, CLX Global TMS Powered by e2open®.

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Cost-Effective, Best-in-Class Solutions for Every Aspect of Your Supply Chain

  • Capacity Management
  • Brokerage
  • Intermodal Services
  • International Shipment Management
  • Benchmarking and Bidding
  • Carrier Procurement
  • Management Reporting
  • Performance Analytics
  • Rail Fleet Management
  • Freight Billing, Audits, and Payment


Guided by the most experienced specialists in the industry, CLX Managed Transportation helps build, deliver, and manage fully integrated or single-service managed transportation service packages to meet your unique needs. Our wholly custom approach lets you leverage our expertise and capacity however you need. Whatever the situation, we seamlessly integrate with instant access to our seasoned team of HAZMAT-certified logistics pros, advanced technology platforms, and analytics—all through a single point of contact.


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Unmatched Managed Transportation Process

Our industry-leading managed transportation process leverages Gartner®-recognized tools and technology to deliver lightning-fast ROI. Through increased visibility, superior benchmarking, bidding, brokerage, and procurement, and best-in-class analytics, our process ensures results that improve every aspect of your global chemical logistics capabilities, all from a single source:

Data Collection & Current State Assessment

Begin with benchmarking through CLX Lanelogix to validate and analyze available freight data with the CLX Logistics® database fed by daily market updates to predict rate competitiveness and offer comparable market service requirements. Whether you’re overpaying for your transportation needs, using the wrong modes, or procuring cars or tanks inefficiently—we’ll determine the best data-driven option for your freight

Personalized Plan of Action Development

Design and develop competitive go-to-market bid strategies with world-class support from the experts at CLX Logistics®. With CLX LaneLogix—run freight bids, award freight, and optimize procurement based on your unique needs. With CLX’s expertise, bidding will be streamlined, and freight will be procured based on need and cost-efficiency, ensuring your shipments remain on time without overpaying or cutting through excessive red tape.

Implement CLX Global TMS

Get real-time visibility into your entire global and domestic supply chain. Supported by CLX’s unmatched expertise and flexibility, you get optimized planning and execution across your network. Create and track shipments, confirm deliveries, generate reports, and more. Our transportation management software combines unmatched planning capabilities with a fully integrated global carrier network to enable world-class transportation management services with plug-and-play speed and efficiency.


Our world-class TMS and deployment methodology ensures on-time projects that deliver ROI at go-live—offering positive cash flow in one to four months and full cost recovery well within one year.

Leverage In-Depth Analytics

With our analytics platform―CLX Gravity®, you’ll gain comprehensive data integration combining internal and external sources. Intelligent curation, organization, and analysis of key data points promote a sustainable, next-generation supply chain. Manage billing, provide final dues, close shipments, ensure payments, and receive regular operational reviews.


CLX Gravity® unlocks improvement potential from your actual data, ensuring process improvement with every cycle of freight procurement, deployment, and delivery.

Don’t delay your Managed Transportation journey with CLX Logistics® until your logistics need a tune-up ―speak with a CLX expert and unlock your global chemical logistics potential today!